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What to Expect After an Adjustment

Feeling Amazing?

Great! This is the ideal response but it doesn’t always occur. This is your body finally feeling better after being stuck for so long! Rebound to injury can occur quickly so make sure to keep your follow up appointment with your doctor!

Drink Lots of Water!

Water post adjustment to help hydrate and nourish the discs, also keeps spine healthy and flexible. After chiropractic care, your body will utilize energy for healing. Increasing water intake post adjustment will ensure that your body is properly hydrated for the healing process.

Use Heat if Needed

Heat helps stiff joints & muscle spasms. It increases circulation to the area which promotes and increases the healing process!

Are you feeling a little extra fatigued?

our nervous system is responding! Subluxations can cause extra stress on the nervous system, adjustments relieve that stress. Feeling of fatigue s your body leaving stress and learning to relax.

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