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Marcille no longer had to worry about back surgery after her treatment at Active Health Clinics!

My name is Marcille McDonald. I am 78-year-old and a volunteer at a daycare. The kids there are like my own and I enjoy being with them so much. Several weeks ago, I started to feel lower back pain, the pain continued until finally it was at a 10. This pain restricted me from helping at the daycare, it was so bad I could no longer walk without a walker, stand up straight, unable to drive my car, could not walk upstairs, or lift anything. I was down and in constant pain. Finally, my niece, who is a patient at Active Health Clinics, recommended them and told me how great they were. So, I thought I would give them a try. When I scheduled my appointment, I was in the most pain I have ever been in and could not stand up straight. The girls at the front desk were so awesome and encouraged me to have hope, which put me at ease. The team listened to my concerns, explained to me what treatment that needed to be done, and I trusted what they had to say. Thanks to whole staff at Active Health, my goal to avoid surgery has been accomplished and I no longer have pain. I am feeling good. I am back to the daycare where I love to be. With the help from Active Health Clinics, I no longer have to miss the kids and I am right back to doing the thing I love most!

If you become a patient at AHC our back pain treatment plans are created by our integrated team of nurses, Doctor of Chiropractic and rehab specialists. Whether you have pain when sitting, walking, standing or at night, Active Health Clinics is the best course of action so you can get the relief you need fast. While most back pain cases respond well with the chiropractic we offer, we can also recommend other modalities within our clinic to increase our desired outcomes. Call and schedule today! (515) 227-7491

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