Restoring Mobility Through Rehabilitation

We all need a little extra support sometimes. If you're recovering from a physical issue, including an illness, injury, or surgery, or even if you need cognitive support, rehab can help. With physician-supervised rehabilitation, you can regain and maintain your full range of motion and potential for full life engagement. 

At Active Health Clinics, our Rehab Specialist and Certified Athletic Trainer, Emily Wolf, works with our patients of all ages to regain and maintain their best health through rehab.

Keeping you strong in body and mind

At some point in your life, you're probably going to end up feeling less than your best. Whether it’s from an injury or illness, or just the wear and tear of daily life over the years, you’re likely to encounter issues with chronic pain, limited mobility, or even mental health concerns that threaten to limit your freedom. You might give up some of your daily activities, beloved hobbies, or important dreams as a result of increasing limitations from your discomfort.

With one-on-one support from our care team, you can take back control of your health and wellness. 

Rehab can help with:

Some people look into rehab to maintain their best health and independence through the later years of their lives. Sometimes rehab includes assistive devices or other tools to help you maintain function so you can keep up with daily life activities. Rehab can also provide ongoing support for people with some types of disabilities, including developmental disabilities.

Individualized treatment for best results

Rehab seeks to return you to strength, function, and independence. You might only need rehab for a little while, or it might become a regular part of your life. We can recommend the right combination of therapies to assist you in successfully regaining your mobility. With a whole team of care providers behind you, including chiropractors, a nurse practitioner, a dietitian, and our rehab specialist, you know you can master the road to recovery, no matter how long it takes.

We take a variety of factors into account as you work to completely heal and strengthen both your body and mind. No matter what kind of support you need, our providers guide you to the best combination of services. We also aid you in setting and keeping reasonable goals.

Physical rehab, including chiropractic care, improves your balance, core strength, and muscle tone for improved mobility, energy, and resilience. You might also benefit from other therapies, including nutrition counseling to improve your dietary habits, or occupational or vocational therapies to improve your approach to your workspace or career. 

Mental health counseling and art and music therapies support your mental and emotional wellness, keeping you active and engaged in your daily life.

To see what top-quality rehabilitation can do to keep you on your feet and moving through life, contact us at Active Health Clinics today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment with a member of our experienced care team. Call our office in Fort Dodge, Iowa, or use the online booking tool.

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