Massage: More Than a Spa Treatment

When you're feeling generally out of sorts, tired, achy, and prone to mood swings and late nights of tossing and turning, you might be surprised at how much a therapeutic massage can help restore your overall sense of well-being. 

Massage therapy benefits you a lot more than just the fun and self-indulgence of a spa day. Therapeutic massage has real, documented benefits for your whole-body health and wellness.

At Active Health Chiropractic, our experienced staff has the expertise that can turn a massage from a pleasant diversion to a potentially transformative therapy. With therapeutic massage, we can improve your physical functionality in numerous ways, including your balance and your range of motion. As well, we can release the stress and tension that may be keeping you tossing and turning all night and feeling on edge during the day. 

We provide effective, compassionate care to new and existing patients living in and around Fort Dodge, Iowa. Here's what we want you to know about what massage could do for you.

Massage for pain and stress relief

Massage can help with aches and pains and provide stress relief. Both your body and your mind can get real benefits from a professional massage. 

With therapeutic massage, we can address symptoms like:

Massage can also improve your blood pressure and cardiovascular health, due to the relaxation you experience during a treatment. Regular massage may even start to improve your sense of balance.

Complementary care for whole-body wellness

Massage is considered a part of complementary or holistic medicine, which uses gentle therapies to support your well-being and promote optimum health. If you can deal with stress and tension in a healthy manner while receiving professional health and support, you ultimately put less strain on your body.

When you can relax enough to sleep well at night, you might find your energy levels quickly rebounding, or even reaching new heights. 

Therapeutic massage can benefit your emotional health, too. If you've been feeling depressed, you might benefit from the caring contact of a massage. The soothing nature of massage can also support people struggling with anxiety. 

After an entire session with our trained and licensed massage therapist, you can expect to feel relief from stress and an increased sense of wellness. 

To schedule a therapeutic massage session at Active Health Chiropractic, just call our office or use online booking.

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