Active Health Clinics has been the TOP RATED chiropractic/clinic in Fort Dodge and surrounding area for the last 12 years!!

Our office opened in 2010 and consists of an array of providers to achieve our patients healthcare goals.

Patients we treat consists of anyone from newborn to elderly.

Our integrated office, with a team base approach, provides a wide range of alternative treatment options with a combination of medical services and chiropractic.

Here at Active Health Clinics the owners Dr. Josh Mason, and Dr. Zach Mason pride their office on a personalizedcompassionate and patient focus care.

Becoming a patient at Active Health Clinics will allow you to receive 5 star treatments with friendly staff and lasting results.

After a thorough examination of past health history, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that provides them with real solutions that address the root of their problem.

Our patients come to us tired of masking their pain… We are here to get our patients back on their feet, standing tall, with the ability to live their best life, pain free without the use of harmful drugs or surgery.

We welcome the opportunity to show you what our healthcare services at Active Health Clinics can do to enhance and change your life, just like it has done for so many of our patients already!

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