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3 Myths About Drug Testing

Some jobs require drug testing as part of your employment. If you need a drug test for your job, the providers at Active Health Chiropractic are here to help. We offer drug testing as part of a range of corporate health services at our convenient office in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

While it’s only natural to want to know more about this procedure before you come in, there’s an awful lot of misinformation out there about drug testing. Once you know the truth behind the myths, you can go forward without needless anxiety or concern.

These are 3 of the myths we see most often and how they differ from reality.

Myth 1: You can only get hair or urine-based drug testing

The types of drug testing you’re most likely to have heard of use urine or a hair follicle. However, there are several other tests that can be used to detect recent drug use.

We can use clippings of your fingernails and toenails, as well as hair from locations around your body. If necessary, we can test samples of your blood or saliva. Saliva tests are easy to use, as well as relatively inexpensive, but they can provide unreliable results if not handled with care. Blood tests are more invasive than other forms of testing, so typically aren’t the first choice.

In general, make sure to see a professional who has the expertise you trust when you need accurate testing. Our Active Health Chiropractic team will identify the best type of test for your unique personal and professional needs.

Myth 2: You can test positive for second-hand drugs

While being around clouds of drug smoke can cause you to inhale less-than-clean air, you don’t need to worry about second-hand smoke as a risk for drug testing. THC urinalysis tests screen for a level of 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) to count as a positive. Second-hand smoke won’t test nearly that high, typically registering at just 2 ng/ml.

However, second-hand smoke can negatively impact your overall health, so if you have risk factors like lung concerns, or if you’re coping with addiction and think you could possibly relapse, make sure to stay safe around others.

Myth 3: you can beat a drug test if you drink the right fluid

The internet rumors that it’s possible to beat a urine drug test if you flush your system with the right fluid. Most commonly, the myth refers to water, but we’ve also heard about people thinking they can trick a test by drinking lots of vinegar. Drinking too much vinegar can make you ill, so don’t try that.

We also don’t advise you to drink excess water before your test, although doing so probably won’t impact your overall health. While water does dilute drug traces in your system, it also affects the amount of creatinine in your urine – information that the lab will flag. A positive or negative dilute result can still be looked upon with suspicion, and you may end up just needing to re-test for a conclusive result.

The only way to pass a drug test is to refrain from using drugs. Drug testing today is reliable, flexible, and safe. You can trust Active Health Chiropractic to deliver accurate results every time. If you need to schedule a drug testing appointment, you can call us on the phone, or use the online tool.

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